Professional vomit queen-navigating the migraines

Warning: Not for the squeamish. Step away if you have a weak constitution. Migraine sufferers will agree that migraines are no ordinary headaches. Unlike a broken arm, there is no visible indication that your pain level is through the roof. Taking regular pain relief for migraines (for me) is like putting a dropper full of gas in the car and thinking it will take you somewhere . Migraine relief is a much more complicated dance than that. A careful combination of prevention and treatment is my only solution. I should have known the stress of this week was going to trigger a headache, but I always naively believe that this time it will be different. (Remember the movie 50 First Dates? I am like the Drew Barrymore short term memory loss character.) I shouldn’t be surprised when they happen and the route they will take, but it always catches me off guard.  I choose to not think that it is stupidity, but rather optimism. Every migraine trail I take leads to the porcelain dumping ground. (I was going to add a vomit image, but that would just be cruel to all of us, so instead, I’ll add the movie poster) When the headache ends,  it is like a long journey completed.

50 First Dates
50 First Dates

I should be happy that I’ve only thrown up three times in January. One of the side effects I appear to be having from the Avastin treatment is sporadic migraine headaches. The first sign of the headache is a piercing high pitched frequency pain in the back of my head. (It feels like the frequency only dogs can hear that drives them crazy) Then the pain shuffles from back to front and back again.  I sit with an ice pack on my head and I speculate how long it will take till the vomit train begins. Today, I made it 45 minutes. Something about vomiting is cathartic (haha! Really! At least I made myself laugh) It’s like my body realigns and resets itself after that. The trick of getting the pain to go away lies in a careful distribution of Migraine meds, anti-nausea meds, and vomit.

Last time, it was after a fantastic meal of Baked Ziti (which I used to love…I’ve attached a recipe in case you still love it.) That time was the first time that I threw up through my nose. I had a noodle come out my nose. I guess there is a first for everything.

Baked Ziti
Baked Ziti

My sister was visiting us that time, and the next morning she asked if I had been coughing during the night. Yes, I “coughed” a lot that night. It really was good ziti, more so going in than going out. Sadly, I don’t see myself eating anymore Baked Ziti in my near future.

I have recently swapped out Imitrex for Maxalt in the quest to find more effective pain relief. I think the Imitrex works for me, but when it gets thrown up so soon, not as much. Maxalt can dissolve under your tongue and sneak up on the migraine before the vomiting begins (but dissolving pills under my tongue is slightly nausea inducing too). I always wonder at what point does the pain medication count. In other words…If you take a pill and throw it up 15 minutes later, has that pill been ingested into your system enough to work? Or, do you assume it hasn’t and does again.

Today’s headache infused my dreams and woke me with a jolt this morning. 

"Last night I dreamt somebody love me." Smiths lyrics
“Last night I dreamt somebody love me.” Smiths lyrics

The only direction this day can go is up.  

8 thoughts on “Professional vomit queen-navigating the migraines”

  1. One word – marijuana. Seriously, have you tried it? When I was doing chemo 17 years ago, my husband insisted I try it around my 5th treatment. It was AMAZING. I haven’t had any since but I would take it again in a heartbeat if I was doing chemo. Not sure how it works with migraines though. Here’s hoping the day improves considerably and no, I won’t be eating any baked ziti now…lol.

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  2. Oh my dear! All of us will have our suggestions…The thing under your tongue has to be at the 1st sign that it’s coming…thinking maybe it won’t happen this time is dangerous. For me, once I vomited I felt some better and often it was the beginning of the end. Seeing you on the sofa with the ice pack on one part of your head and a quilt to keep out the light verges on unbearable. I feel your pain (and I wish I could take it upon myself) is a load of crap. Keep experimenting with meds, timing, and you don’t need a dog to know that you’re loved. See you soon.

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  3. I have been having chronic migraines for years now with no real reason other than sleep deprivation, anxiety and a possible seizure disorder ( per my neurologist). I am on a multitude of meds for prevention and i still seem to find myself having one at least 1 to 3 times a month where i need to go to emergency room. Hopefully, you will find something that works! 👍

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  4. The only thing that has saved me is botox injections every three months. I was having almost continual migraines prior to starting botox. Needless to say I wasn’t functioning very well

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  5. Kymbal, sorry I laughed a lot. I get migraines just like my mother and grandfather and now my son gets them. They are no ordinary headache. I have learned the signs that lead to migraine and I always have my maxalt on hand. Luckily, I only get them once every three months but like you, I forget that I will get a migraine! You have extremely awesome writing…very fun to read! Take care dear Kym.

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