Won’t you take me back to school-patient/teacher

Won’t you take me back to school…I need to learn the Golden Rule.  This song was rolling through my head this morning as I drove to school. Remember the Moody Blues?  It feels good to be back to work and teaching once again. Students rolled in on Tuesday, and their energy motivated me as it always does.


Fall Summer is in the air at Mid-Pacific! After a week of preparation, the real work began on Tuesday. In addition to making sure students are ready for college, I have the added challenge of Friday chemos.

Kawaihao at Mid-Pacific

The students are like a shot of adrenaline to the system! One of the things that I love about students is that you always know exactly how they feel about things. There is no holding back!

photo copy 3
Student tables at Watase Courtyrad

After a week of school, I am exhausted but happy. I went to bed before 9 o’clock every night and up by 515 each morning. Add the 45 minute commute both ways, and it is a challenge, even for a healthy person. I know that next Friday will be the real test of my mettle. Mega chemo (Carboplatin, Gemzar, and Avastin) followed by a all-too-short weekend and then back to school on Monday.

photo copy 2

Today after reviewing Scientific Notation with my students, one of the boys said, “I finally get this.” That is enough to keep bringing me back every Monday-chemo or not!

6 thoughts on “Won’t you take me back to school-patient/teacher”

  1. Do I get to edit. I’m worried about too much salt when you brine. Glad your first week is behind you. How did Ben do driving to school on his own? Have a quiet weekend.

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  2. We don’t do enough scientific notation in the engineering community. If the calculator shows eight-digit accuracy then it must be the correct result. At least with slide rules we had to estimate the answer so we could place the decimal point. Not so much anymore.

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  3. For most Engineers and Physicists, we don’t go much beyond 3 to 4 decimal places in measurement. Can you truly measure anything accurately beyond say 2 decimal places? (without using some computer assisted measurement device that is)

    I love the “ah ha” moments when they occur. (I would have loved to continue instructing at the University, but alas my late husband insisted that I resign. )

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