Traveling with Cancer

Traveling takes on a whole new meaning for cancer patients. Every sneeze and every cough on the airplane has the potential to spread unwanted infection. To most people, it’s just an annoyance, but when your immune system is compromised there is so much more of concern. I had the opportunity to fly recently in what is essentially the middle of my chemo treatment. I survived the debulking surgery in March, 25 radiations, and 4 chemos already, but would I survive the passenger on flight 898 who touched the seat-back tray with his germ filled hands on the previous flight. How thoroughly do airlines really clean those planes? What about the recirculated air from the 250 passengers all around me?

I traveled with the blessing of my doctor and my chemo nurses. Nurse Cindy said to me, “We do these treatments so that you will be able to enjoy your life.” That is my plan! I brought my bag full of drugs with me (wondering if TSA was going to wonder about a gallon Ziploc filled with prescription meds). I brought 3 bottles of hand sanitizer, three packs of Clorox travel wipes, and two cloth masks ordered from Amazon. (The only masks I had at home prior to this were from Home Depot made with the intention for home improvement projects.) Not only do the masks ward off germs, I’ve noticed most people subconsciously create a healthy personal zone around mask wearing travelers. Although rather hot and uncomfortable, they kept me insulated from all that swirled around me (even if it was only a mental protection). My Trip is still a work in progress, but a welcome break from cancer, treatments, and hospitals. When I return, I will be ready to pick up arms and begin the fight again…as my sister said…RFM…Relentless Forward Motion. I concur.




5 thoughts on “Traveling with Cancer”

  1. I know it was all worth it to us and are in your corner when you want to take care of yourself. Thanks for all your trouble. See you again soon.

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  2. Relentless forward motion – like the ball bearing on a frictionless plane – even Newton’s First Law is behind you! Have wonderful travels Kym.

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  3. Enjoy, Kym! You’re going to have a great time despite all the “precautions!” I’m so funny…I still wipe down the door knobs and handles in the house each week. Now it’s ingrained. Only you could pull of looking great in your mask!;-)

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  4. I too love to travel and do so even with on going chemo treatments. I never used to wear a mask but now I do, guess I finally wised up. It’s not that bad, I felt self conscious at first wondering what others thought what kind of illness I had but now it doesn’t bother me.
    I’m just happy that I’m still able to travel even if having chemo treatments, that in itself is a huge relief getting away from blood draws, needles poking me and the 7 hours at the infusion center.
    Life is good😁
    Thank Kym, love your blog.

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