Get Your Burgers Here

There are a few moments in life, when you have no choice but to “live in the moment.” Vomitting being one those. I threw up 12 times last weekend, which was a world record for me.  My vomit-free streak lasted from November 16, 2013.  Like Seinfeld, I do keep track of these things.  Still not sure what caused the Linda Blair episode (which was accompanied by a migraine style headache) but I am praying it will not happen again.  I’ll get a chance to test it next Thursday when I have my next chemo.  Last Saturday seemed to be shaping up like a normal post chemo day….a little tired and a little nauseated.  I even took at short walk at 5.  At about 730 the headache came on and by midnight, I was revisiting my dinner (In other notes-I no longer like hamburger).  This weekend made me realize how fragile our bodies actually are.  One nurse said, “We are more delicate than we imagine.” I also found that neither Zofran, Reglan, or Phenergen really work once you really get sick.  Nothing does. More importantly, I found out that Nurse Jackie (my nurse Jackie) is there for me 24 hours a day as is my husband, who patted my back and made me feel slightly less horrible.  I also learned that when you throw up violently, you get a beautiful petechial rash on your face…..vaguely Howdy Doody looking.  If there is a badge to be earned with all of this, I think I earned it this weekend.  Still unsure how this weekend fits into the general side effects of chemo category, but I can guarantee you that I was completely in the moment!


9 thoughts on “Get Your Burgers Here”

  1. Wish I was there to help with the patting and the cleanup. The radiation must have taken more out of you that you thought because this chemo is having more side effects than your last round. Again, I say you have the time and can ignore day-day chores, so lounge and rest all you can. Pray that they can find something to control the nausea this week. People keep telling you what an inspiration you are and I couldn’t agree more but stop trying to make US feel comforted and indulge yourself in things that make you feel good (not hamburgers). Hope all goes better tomorrow.

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  2. Kym…have you ever considered acupuncture? I have heard that it helps. You might get a procedure on Thursday…just in case….

    Thinking of you and you go girl. Your body’s response may show that it is working (that’s what I heard).

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  3. UGH! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could spread THAT side effect around a bit so you wouldn’t have to deal with a marathon session? I’ll sign up for one of the twelve to help you out…maybe even two! Hang in there and baby yourself…this is quite the athletic event so take it one step at a time! Love you sistah!

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  4. I won’t tell you what I was eating while reading this. Still good to hear your written voice again. Keep being awesome.


  5. Thinking of you my friend. Gives “projectile motion” a new twist huh? Hope you get to carve out some fun family moments this weekend.

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