Cocktail anyone?

Time to make the chemo cocktail decision!  First round chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer was Carboplatin and Taxol delivered through an IV bag into a port located right below my collarbone (surgically implanted in 2012).  A tumor assay (study) was conducted to determine how my tumor/cancer will best respond to the various chemo drugs currently used.  Just like rum is better with Coke or made into a Mai Tai (clearly the Mai Tai is the better choice), the general consensus is that combining drugs is the most effective of destroying cancer.  If you are feeling really nerdy, check out the Oceans study.  For my recurrence, we are getting fancy.  This time will be three drugs.  Because I was in remission for 14 months (woot!) I am considered Platinum sensitive, which is a good thing.  That means that for sure, I will get Carboplatin again.  The 2nd drug is where we will have some choice.  The choice is Doxil or Gemzar (Gemcitabine).  The third drug (why are we stopping at 3…why not 4 or 5?) is Bevacizumab otherwise known as Avastin.  As I research the various side effects, I was reminded of the 2013 movie Side Effects.  The movie is somewhat of a dark psychological thriller about the rocky path that meds can induce.  Every cancer patient has to make their own decision about what meds (or not) are the right choice.  My doc has been in the business a long time, and I respect his advice, and more importantly, I believe that my best choice for living life is following this path.  Our goal is NED (No Evidence of Disease) and PFS (Progression Free Survival)! I am motivated to kick this and get on with the business of living!