Pet scan time-“Eyes to Thighs”

So you want a Pet?

Leilani Kitty-Our Pet

No, not that kind…this kind…a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan.

Areas of hyper-metabolic activity light up!

Tomorrow is my six month scan. We are hoping not to see any areas light up this time!  Today (Thursday) is the prep day. Starving the body of sugar and focusing on low carb eating.

A day of eating this…

photo 1
Genoa Salame and Provolone Cheese-$4.99 at Safeway

And this…


photo 2
Salted Peanuts

Tomorrow (Friday) is just watery water…Nothing else!

Watery water

Then, they inject the radioactive tracer…and allow it to circulate in the bloodstream.

Injection of radioactive tracer element

One hour of sitting “Quietly”…no music, books, talking, moving, etc. They really mean it when they say sit quietly. After 1 hour, the dye has had a chance to circulate through the whole body (organs and tissue) and you’re ready for the scan to begin. Any areas of hypermetabolic  hungry cancer cells, will be activated and light up during the scan.

Then, the tube. It like a crystal ball to look at your innards.

Pet Scan machine

And then waiting…for results…till Monday-an exercise in patience impatience. What makes you impatient? How do you cope?

Seeing the doctor Monday after school.

5 thoughts on “Pet scan time-“Eyes to Thighs””

  1. If I’m waiting for results, I keep reminding myself, they’ll be the same results whether or not I worry myself sick about them. Then I say ONE more prayer, and enjoy a big fat glass of Reisling (because I am convinced God created wine.)

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  2. I always thought that cancer treatment was an exercise in patience. Waiting for: appointments, blood tests, chemotherapy, scans and tests, etc. Waiting, waiting, waiting, and yet more…waiting. I always joked that I prayed, “Dear Lord, Give me patience, but I want it right now! ”

    Hang in there! We’re waiting with you!

    “All things work for good to those that love the Lord.”

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  3. Augh. It is challenging to cope. I hope the results show no bits lighting up that should not be. I’d written a post on what to do while waiting for test results. It’s just a bit of fun, but maybe a nice distractions?

    Wishing you good, good, good results.

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  4. Thank you dear Kym for sharing. I wish I had one 1/10th of the courage or strength you do, your demonstration of both those beautiful traits, when combine with your faith is a blessing for many:) When I am waiting, it probably also has to do with a big fat glass of wine as well 🙂 Love you!


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